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Syndi Nelson’s Photography Portfolio

Senior Photographer

Syndi Nelson

Since 2008, I've been capturing life's vibrant tapestry through my lens, expertly freezing moments in time with my event photography and tantalizing the senses with exquisite food photography.

About the Photographer

Launching The Social Robin in 2017 marked the beginning of a fulfilling journey where my dedication to photography and videography flourished in unison. It's been a joy to hone these crafts, not in isolation but through the synergy of working hand-in-hand with a talented team — both on location and in collaboration with our clients.

My portfolio gleams with the luster of high-end engagements, from the esteemed corridors of The Ritz-Carlton to the gastronomic brilliance of Fearing's Restaurant. My wings have spanned across the United States, bringing my unique skill set to a multitude of industries and delivering a level of versatility and expertise that is as distinctive as it is in demand.

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Crafting Visual Stories, Coast to Coast.

Exceptional photographic artistry honed since 2008, delivering distinctive, high-caliber imagery for clients nationwide.

  • Event Photography Expertise
  • Culinary Imagery Specialist
  • Nationwide Photographic Services
  • Versatile Visual Artistry Professional
  • 300+


  • 580+


  • 25+


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