Add On: 60-Second Video Edit


Our 60-second video editing add-on is by far our most popular. It’s the perfect length to max-out what social media platforms will allow and deliver the message you need.

Whether you need to send us your existing footage, have us use stock footage, or use footage we captured at your event, we’ll make sure to create a video that fits you best.



Video Editing is one of our core expertise, as our team knows the impact of video on branding, marketing and business growth.

Our Add-Ons for video editing encompass a wide range of projects – here are some of the most common uses of our video editing add-ons.


This add-on is a perfect pairing for our On-The-Go package. Typically, our clients will have our videography team out for a large single or multi-day event to capture as much footage as possible.

Once the event has been completed – we review captured content and the client will determine how many different videos they’d like to have us edit.

The beauty of this process is that it allows a company of any size to edit as many videos as their budget allows and we’ll always hang onto the footage for you when you’re ready to edit something new from existing footage captured. Simply select the number of videos you’d like edited today and come back in a month or two when you need more!

If you have any existing footage that you’ve captured on your own or from another video company and would like to create clips for social media to create awareness, promotions, testimonials, this would be a great fit for you.

We’ve created hundreds of videos from existing footage from content we didn’t capture ourselves and are happy to work with you to make sure your video encompasses the vision that you have.

The impact of a video playing at the top of your website’s home page can be huge and provide a sleek and creative experience for your web visitors.

We can use existing footage that you have or our team can source stock footage to create a hero banner that speaks volumes about your product or service.

If you need a Youtube Intro or full episodes edited, our team can help!

We’ve created Youtube intros and edited Youtube Episodes for large organizations and for up-and-coming YouTubers.

If you have product how-to’s and/or internal training videos that need to be put together, we can help with that!

Whether you’ve captured this footage with our On-The-Go package or have had your team record bits and pieces, we can put together a video that’s easy to watch and that is consistent with your existing branding styling and colors.


Today - Order Placed

Place Your Order

Next Business Day - Planning Call

Our team will get all of the details of your video and preferred style

2-5 Business Days - Editing

We'll edit your video and have a first version sent your way for review/revisions

1-3 Business Days - Revisions & Final Video

We'll revise your video as needed (up to 2 edits included) and deliver your final video!



1 x 60-Second Video


Up to 2 Rounds of Edits
1 x Dedicated Video Editor
Color Grading Included
Call-Outs and Text Overlays Included
Transitions Between Clips Included
Fully Licensed Background Music Included

File Type

MP4 File Delivered



Our video editors are well-versed in editing a wide range of videos – so you can rest assured that the editing style you prefer can be achieved easily.

From ensuring to the tone and color of each of your video clips is consistent to being creative with transitions and cuts, our team enjoys finding compelling ways to edit your video.


Not all platforms require the same content. Instagram is different than Facebook and Youtube is different than Vimeo! We put together plans that ensure that your unique customer base on each platform has the right content at the right time


We ensure that your brand’s look and feel is consistent between all of our editing – from the intro to the outro.



About this project:  This team used our On-The-Go package paired with a hired actress in order to capture footage to use as part of their Facebook Ad Campaign and created 3 x 1-Minute ads like this one for us to test with their SEM campaigns.


About this project:  The House of Blues event resulted in about 8 hours of total footage captured from each of our cameras – we were able to create several videos, including this -minute recap of their lively event.

Sundek Youtube Intro

About this project:  With the amount of videos our team and the Sundek Dealers were capturing, the corporate team wanted to ensure they were capitalizing on the content. The footage from the shoot was intended for a more serious tone, but our editors switched it up to show the personality of their team for a video that made their team proud!

C'est La Vie

About this project:  This local couple started their new YouTube channel and had used our On-The-Go package to capture about 2 hours worth of footage. They used our Video Editing add-on to create a 25-second and 45-second version of their intro and also had our team out to capture their gender reveal celebration.

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