Facebook Changed Their Icon Requirements When You Weren’t Looking

By Syndi on October 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Just a short PSA for all small businesses who have a Facebook page… make sure that your logo fits in a circle, because Facebook finally jumped on the circle icon train a couple of months ago and now your logo might be wonky.

All design firms already know this (or should) and businesses need to share this info with others so that your colleague’s social media posts don’t look unprofessional!

I caught this sponsored ad today for a video software company who still hasn’t updated their icon and is pushing sponsored ads:

See how their name is cut off inside the circle at the top left corner? You don’t want your sponsored posts to look like that nor your regular posts if you’re a business. Here’s what your logo should look like:


Make sure that all parts of your logo are visible on your icon on social media, otherwise it can give your brand a bad look.

If you have a logo design that includes text at the bottom – it’s better to scrap the text and leave the logo image (like our yellow robin) by itself, without the text. Your clients generally can’t read text in that small of an icon anyway, so let your logo image shine on its own!

If you have any trouble getting your icon to fit in a circle, contact us and we’ll help you out in a jiffy.

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