Web Design

for The Stand Downtown

The Stand Downtown came to us for many things, one of which was to create a very simple and purposeful website.

The client wanted a clean look with the menu — and that’s it!

Our approach for this website was to keep it bare bones yet stay with their existingn branding of black, white and green with clean lines and limited shapes.

The final design allows their customers to view their menu as well as find out where they are located, all while staying with their existing branding.

This restaurant is quite unique – it is a sort of stationary food cart located in the heart of Downtown Dallas, Texas. They are situated directly across from the infamous eyeball and have outside patio seating.

Most of their target market are locals in the workforce who walk around town for lunch as well as tourists who come from nearby hotels to visit them and take pictures with the giant eyeball!

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Photography Services

Food Photography

for The Stand Downtown

The clients aren’t unlilke many others – they don’t have time or the proper equipment to take the photos that will really make their food look delicious.

While you hear crazy stories of food photographers using glue and oil to make food look appetizing yet nothing like what you actually get,¬†we always choose to photograph the food the way it comes. If it’s fresh and it’s good, we will get terrific photographs during our sessions.

They have a limited menu, but we managed to take a few hundred photos that we will be able to use not only on their website, but also on their social media feeds.

Great photography can help give restaurants that extra edge that relay the quality of their photos to the quality of their food!

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